Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Captain America Movie Review

(Full disclosure: I was, and to some extent still am, a big fan of Marvel comics) (Also a small spoiler alert)

I went to see Captain America: The First Avenger last night with great expectations. So given the fact that I wet my pants during the movie I can honestly say that this is the best movie in the Super Hero genre I've seen. After watching Thor, another good one, I was a little fearful that the folks over at Marvel Studio might hit the sophomore slump with Cap. Boy was I wrong. They knocked it out of the park.

Let's start with the sets. The producers were able to capture the period, while still giving the over-the-top gadgets (Hydras wonderful toys and uniforms, not to mention the submarine the flying wing and the high speed train all of which could have come directly from Jack Kirby's pen) without taking away from the story. Sure you expect to see this stuff, but the way they were blended into the film while still keeping the 1940's feel was quite remarkable.

Cast: Couldn't have been better. Let's start with the general cast then work to specifics. Inserting the Howling Commandos was spot on (the only thing missing was Nick Fury himself but then he would have been about 106 at the end of the movie so I'll let it slide). Creating the possibility of the Winter Soldier story arc by seemingly killing Bucky Dent was another master stroke.

Specific: Chris Evans was spot on as Cap. Didn't care for him in the Fantastic Four movie but he may have been miscast there. Completely believable as the humble (frail) kid from Brooklyn, trying desperately to get into the army to do his part for the war effort. Once he became Cap though, he kept the humility without seeming to be a cheesy grown up boy scout. He kept his principles but was not afraid to use his powers for what he believed in.

Hugo Weaving: Again, playing the part of a comic book villain has to be hard; Mr. Weaving pulled it off masterfully. His character's quest for world domination seemed to simply be second nature to him. His portrayal of both madness and genius in equal measure were subdued and just under the surface, but you got a sense that he could explode at any moment (as he did on the Nazi contingent who came to check up on his progress).

Tommy Lee Jones: No surprise here. Perfect casting playing a part he has played 100 times with ease.

Ok, on to the action: If there is on criticism you could lay at the feet of the producers it can be found here. I saw it in 3D and at times there was so much going on it was hard to follow the main action. That being said, the breakout of the Hydra base was damn enjoyable as was the battle on the flying wing at the end of the movie.

In all, this movie sucked me in from the first to the last. I will go see it again but the next time I'm wearing Depends Undergarments!

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