Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Father of the year award is in the mail!

Alright, this is a true story, but it made me laugh. Here in Louisville last weekend, we had a huge storm rip through here and knocked the power out at the house. I am in the middle of remodeling the house so there are various appliances that are not exactly up to date. For example the gas oven/stove, circa 1974. Now, I don't know if you know this but even if the electricity is out the gas is still available. However, the stove has an electric start to ignite required to light it. Well, father of the year that I am, I decided to light the stove manually. So, being the clever guy that I am, I turned the gas on and opened the broiler drawer below the stove, and prepared to start the oven manually so I could feed my children.

At this point I heard my 9 year old daughter say from somewhere directly behind me say, "Daddy, should I be standing here?"

I turned to find her literally standing right behind me. Fire in hand and the gas on and said in my most calm voice, "Um, probably not."

To her credit, she bolted upstairs and told my son, "I think we are about to die!"

I ask you, where is the love?

Well, after the firemen left and I secured a hotel room for the week, we all had a big laugh about it.

Just kidding, I fed my children and had them in bed by 9!

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