Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is the Tea Party to blame?

And if so should they care? Much has been made in the media about Kerry, Obama, Axelrod, and Angry Perm girl (sorry I find it difficult to take this person seriously) blaming the Tea Party caucus in the house for causing the U.S.'s Credit downgrade. But in all seriousness should the Tea Party care? This from Deborah K. Mulholand, Tea Party member in Dayton Ohio (emphasis mine):

Lastly, we believe the Constitution is a finite document created by our Founding Fathers to limit the scope, control and power of government, not give it a blank check to drain the lifeblood out of the heartland of our great nation.
If that is one of the goals then I would submit that the rating downgrade, at least in part, my help the Tea Party achieve their goals. If nothing else, it got the attention of everyone, not only in Washington, but across the country as well.

The worse thing the Dems could do is blame the Tea Party. Why? Because by doing so they will draw the attention of voters, who otherwise would not care, into the debate. And once people start really paying attention to the egregious excesses our government, I think real change will certainly be possible.

So hell yes, blame the downgrade on the Tea Party and get more people into this debate. It comes down to what you believe in. Big Government vs. Small. Let the Democrats make their case that the Federal Government is failing because it is too frugal. I think the Tea Party would step up for that debate anyday.

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