Monday, August 22, 2011


The Washington Post has an Op-Ed must read from Eric Cantor today. I could pull some selected excerpts from it but to be honest you really need to read it all. He carefully connects the dots between what is going on right now and how much of it was caused by Obama's job-killing agenda.

I think now I understand why the Democrats insist on hyperbole when trying to argue against people like Eric Cantor. It's because if he is right, which I think he is, then they, the Dems' idea of the new utopian government-run world falls apart like the house of cards that it is. They are terrified of lawmakers like him who argue against big government and freedom for the citizenry. When people are free to make their own choices without, government intervention, all the power resides with the populace and not with Pelosi, Obama, and Reid et al.

If Cantor and the GOP get what they want in congress, I suggest you put all your liberal friends on suicide watch ASAP!

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