Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nancey Drew is in the HOUSE!

This story makes me so happy I will probably pee in my pants before I get through this blog. Jessica Maple, a 12 year old amateur sleuth solved a burglary case before the police. This from ABC News:

A 12-year-old amateur sleuth beat police at their own game by cracking the case of who ransacked her late great-grandmother's home last month.
Jessica Maple honed her detective skills at a Junior District Attorney camp in Atlanta this summer, sponsored by the Fulton County DA's office.

Hell and Yes! Not satisfied with the progress of the case, Miss Maple (not to be confused with Ms. Marple, although I can understand the confusion), decided to conduct her own investigation and actually solved the case!

After eliminating the possibility of an 'inside job', she looked at surrounding pawn shops for the stolen goods:

"They weren't thinking," she said of the robbers. "They put everything in the same shop!
The pawn shop manager told Jessica he knew one of the guys well because he frequently brought in items. He even had copies of both mens' picture identifications.

Okay, at this point you turn it over to the authority's right? Nope, this remarkable hero went and confronted the suspect!

The gutsy, crime-fighting pre-teen, accompanied by her mother, then went to one robber's home and confronted him.
"We went up to him and I asked him why he did it," Jessica said. "At first he denied it, but then he confessed." 

Are you kidding me? This wonderful young lady has more chutzpa than anybody I know. Not only does she solve the crime, she has the stones to actually get a confession from the perp. Well done Miss. Maple, well done indeed!

I have to change my underwear now because I just wet myself, excuse me.




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