Friday, August 12, 2011

Rather than jobs The President offers the ‘idea’ of jobs

President Obama spoke yesterday in front of auto workers in Michigan. Reuters reports (emphasis mine):

President Barack Obama sought to reassert economic leadership on Thursday by pledging to deliver new ideas every week to create jobs, and he slammed Congress for "bickering" that hurts economic recovery.
"I'll be laying out more proposals in the days ahead," Obama, a Democrat, said. The problem was not a lack of answers to the pressing issue of economic growth and hiring, rather it was people "playing political games,"

Zzzzzzz, um, is he done, sorry dozed off for a second there. Okay, let's see, a new idea every week to create jobs. Wowsers, this ought'a be entertaining. Just yesterday Jay Carney came out with this week's hi-fi-slam-a-jamma 'idea' - unemployment checks. Can't wait for next week's idea. I know, how about more stifling regulation? That will really get the job market booming! A new idea every week, I ask you, have you ever seen a group of people so clueless in your life? Obama's been in office 30 months and this is the best he can do?

And let's not forget who's to blame. That's right Congress. It's the 'na-na-nu-boo-boo-stick-your-head-in-do-do offensive.

Obama's inability for self-inspection is truly breath-taking. Mr. President, do you think that there might be the ever-so slightest possibility that you are the problem and not the solution? Maybe all this Keynesian nonsense you've been ramming down the throats of the business sector might, just might, have a detrimental effect on the jobs market????

I almost feel sorry for this guy. All his life he was told that capitalism is bad, socialism is good, and when he gets a chance to prove it, reality slaps him squarely in the face. Welcome to the real world Mr. President.

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