Monday, August 8, 2011

The Tea Party, Right About Everything

Randall Hovan has a terrific post over on American Thinker today. His spot-on wrap up of what ails the country and how step-by-step the root cause can be found, oddly enough, in more, not less, government:

This jobless recovery is not some mystery.  It is very clearly the result of decisions -- decisions made by Obama and the Democrats.  At every opportunity they grew government, shrank the private sector, and viewed budding enterprises as little more than beasts of burden -- something to whip while healthy and carve up and eat when not.
As Robert Mugabe viewed white-owned farms, Obama views corporations not yet in Chapter 11.
Nothing Democrats did helped; everything they did hurt.  Everything.  Min wage.  TARP.  Stimulus.  ObamaCare.  The Gulf oil spill.  Every budget they ever proposed, written or not.  Every little czar they put in place to spend other people's money and to bully the only productive people still toiling away at the thankless tasks of making stuff and providing jobs.
At every point, the Tea Party and its sympathizers tried to stop these idiocies, only to be called ignorant racists.  You might want to ask yourself why so many people talk of the "Tea Party," whatever that is, the way Lenin and Stalin talked of kulaks and saboteurs, whoever they were.
Do "taxed enough already," "stop spending," and "obey the Constitution" sound that crazy to you?  If so, you might want to think about why you think so.

I spent a fair bit of yesterday watching the Dems marching in lock-step blaming the downgrading of the nation's credit rating on the Tea Party. I'm afraid I'll have to side with Mr. Hovan on this one. Read it all.

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