Saturday, August 6, 2011

Time for term limits?

Senator Tom Coburn had this to say concerning the Nation's S&P rating downgrade (emphasis mine):

"This announcement is probably long overdue," said Republican Sen. Tom Coburn in a statement.  "For decades, political careerism has trumped statesmanship in Washington.  Both parties have done what is safe, not what is right.  The dysfunction in Washington is the belief that we can live beyond our means forever.  We can't.  The moment to make the hard decisions we have long avoided has arrived.  There is nowhere left to kick the can."

We've heard a lot of talk about a Balanced Budget Amendment, which I'm all for. But just as important is cleaning house ever so often. Think about this for a moment. Anthony Wiener had never had job, other than Chuck Shumer's Gofer, until he was elected to office. What could he have learned that would help him govern? The answer is nothing. Our political class is now primarily developed from a crop of interns/staffers with poly sci degrees (whatever the hell that is) that have never ever in their life had to work for a living. I agree, Mr. Coburn let's put statesmanship over Political careerism. Term limits now

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  1. We have to be more careful in the people we elect to represent us. We also have to stop disqualifying them over things that really don't affect their ability to legislate. Morals do matter, but so does ability.


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