Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good God, When Are Her 15 Minutes Going To Be Up?

Sandra Fluke was on the View today. Rather than talking about why I should subsidize her sexual activity she chose to belittle Limbaugh (Parenthetical snarky comments mine).

"I was at first shocked and stunned," (my BS meter just pegged) she told host Barbara Walters when asked what she thought after hearing Limbaugh's comments. "Let me be clear (isn't that one of Obama's rhetorical ticks right before he lies?) that I think his statements that he made on the air about me have been personal enough, so I'd rather not have a personal phone call from him." (In her wettest of dreams she could not have imagined this nonsense turning out better for her).

We all know the left will support anything - and I mean anything - that even remotely agrees with their position (or is against the other side) regardless of how deceitful or base it is. Hell, just look at their embrace of the criminals 'patriots' that make up the Occupy Wall Street hordes.

News flash for Ms. Fluke: If sex is such a threat to women's health then DON"T DO IT. It is, after all, elective!

She also said on Ed Schulz's show "That she will not be silenced on this issue." Really, with the vast array of mainstream media outlets willing to shove a microphone in your face to promote this drivel I don't think that will be a problem.

Honestly, the fact that I am even devoting yet another blog to this two bit, self-righteous, wanna-be activist just kills me. Message to the GOP - please, please, please stop playing into this nonsense. This is exactly what the Dems want us to do. They want us to get caught up into this non-issue to divert attention away from the abject failures of this administration.

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