Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A National Day of Mourning

It's a sad, sad day in the blogosphere ladies and gentlemen. I just don't know what to do. In fact I can hardly muster the will power to type these words so I'll just give the Headline from the Washington Post today:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich suffers primary defeat in Ohio
I just can't - it's just - not fair - (sniff) That's right folks that lovable laughable lion of the left that gave us soooo many hits in his long illustrious career will no longer be in the hallowed lower chamber.

But more importantly, do you know how many conservative bloggers this is going to affect? From now on we will have to do some actual research to find material. I mean if I were stumped and couldn't find anything to write about I'd simply Google 'Dennis the Menace Kucinich' and wham - 0.13 seconds later I'd have enough material for a week. Uggg, what's a lazy hard working blogger to do now.

Heeeeyyyy wait a second I just thought of something. Since the Menace will be out of work in November, maybe I can pay him part of the gobs and gobs of ad revenue I generate here at 6079 Smith, W ($1.63 and counting over the last 6 months alone!) to guest write for good ol' 6079? Anybody got DK's phone number?? Anybody? Hello? Anybody out there?

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