Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unintended consequences: Obama’s war on first responders

Blinded by left-wing ideology, the administration is now putting firefighter's lives at risk all in the name of their misguided attempt to convert an unwilling public to lethal alternative-energy sourced transportation. This from Townhall.com (emphasis mine):

Last week, the Obama Administration sought to increase the Chevrolet Volt purchaser tax credit from $7,500 to $10,000.
All this for a car so dangerous to first responders that the Department of Energy allocated $4.4 million dollars for programs to prevent fire fighters from electrocuting themselves while trying to rescue crash victims.

You mean first responder now have to have special training to deal with an accident involving a Chevy Volt. What's next? A napalm powered car? Hell why not nuclear powered cars? Anything but highly efficient, affordable and SAFE evil oil.

Seriously, how many people need to be sacrificed at the alter of the alternative-energy God until the electorate wakes up and realizes that this is nothing more than liberal feel-good navel gazing?

So just for the record, not only are the owners of the Volt in mortal danger due to the car's inability to not catch fire, but now those who we pay to save lives in emergency situations are at risk as well.

Honestly, I don't have a problem if someone is stupid enough to buy this toxic time bomb. I figure that's just natural-selection working its way through the truly stupid among us. You know - culling the herd as it were. But when the decisions these self-righteous simpletons make put innocent first responder's lives at stake, then surely something has gone way way wrong here.

Do you think for one minute that if the government was not involved it this, ahem, project that it would have ever seen the light of day. Can you just imagine the discussion in the boardroom?

CEO: So let me get this straight - the Volt will cost (unsubsidized) over $100,000 - it only goes about 25 miles on a charge - oh and it has the propensity to blow the hell up. Have I missed anything?

Jr. Exec in charge: Um well yes sir, it seems when the battery goes bad it will cost the owner about $10,000 to dispose of it properly.

CEO: Son.

Jr. Exec: Yessir.

CEO: You're fired.

Jr. Exec: Yessir

However, that's fantasy-land folks, because the ever present Obama administration stepped in and got the ball rolling. Not because it was right for the market but rather because it was right with his ideology regardless of how many lives it will cost.

What's that you say? How is this Obama's fault? Well let's see - he and his administration is not only subsiding the manufacture of this rolling bomb but he is taking taxpayer money and offering up to $10,000 rebate on the damn thing.

It is just amazing the contortions liberals will go through just not to face reality. Oil is our best option right now not pixie-dust and car bombs. But, liberals, unable to help themselves and let the market decide when an alternative vehicle is right, they just gotta muck with it. And by doing so all these horrendous unintended consequences is the result.

And who ultimately will have to pay for all this nonsense? Well it looks like first responders with their lives and the rest of us with our wallets.


  1. When this car was still being tested by GM; an interview with GM personel,
    Reporter: "I heard you having trouble with the car catching on fire"
    GM: We don't like to refer to them as fires, we call them thermal events!

    1. Burnie - Hehe Thermal events that's like calling Hiroshima a 'hairy weekend'. Thanks for the comment bro.


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