Friday, March 2, 2012

Without Obama, Your Boss Decides Who Can Have Sex!

I found this on Obama/Biden tumblr page:

If you can't read it go to the link and click on the image.

It has always been my firm belief that arguments should be won on merit. That being said this nonsense is not even approach addressing the, uh, virtues of their argument. Instead the administration would rather distort flat out lie in order to scare constituents into voting for their position.

If you read it carefully I'm sure you noticed:

  1. It implies that an employer can decide which of its employees can have sex and which can't
  2. It only talks about preventative contraceptives and fails to mention the sterilization/morning after pill which are post-colitis, thereby avoiding the 'moral/ religious' controversy altogether.
  3. It suggest that you will need to ask/beg for your CEO's permission to buy rubbers
I don't know who the geniuses are that come up with this nonsense for the Obama/Biden team but they should be fired. Not because I am offended by this crap, but rather if I were his supporters I would be offended by how stupid they think I am.

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