Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More "GOP Hoping America Fails" BS from the left

A few days ago Brent Budowsky had an Op-Ed piece at The Hill where he ties himself in knots trying to portray the GOP as the party that is cheering for the economy to fail all for political gain (emphasis mine):

It is time to talk of patriotism and partisanship and a Republican Party that has lost its heart, its soul and its way. Ronald Reagan would be embarrassed by Republicans today. William F. Buckley would be angry and ashamed. The party of Reaganite optimism is now the party that hopes America fails and blames Americans first.

Blames America first you say? I guess that's nothing like the never-ending apology tour The one embarked on where he wanted to apologies to the Japanese at Hiroshima in 2009? Or apologizing to the families of slain terrorists? And this is just a couple of examples of The One's knee-jerk reaction to blaming America first. Yet Budowsky somehow sees it as the GOP as the party of blaming America for our current woes.

What is really interesting to me is that he points to the latest jobs report as evidence of the GOP cheerleading for America to fail:

And now, the jobs report arrives. Today the ADP report was better than expected, disappointing Republicans who hope for joblessness and cheer-lead for America to fail. We shall see about the big jobs report tomorrow. This much is clear:

Never in the history of the republic has any great party been so passionately hopeful that America would fail as Republicans are today.

Um, just for the record Brent, adding 80,000 private sector jobs to the economy is at best considered anemic by any standard. But let's not take my word for it let's hear from Nancy Pelosi:

"Mr. President, where are the jobs?" Rep. Nancy Pelosi asked on CNN in October 2003. "The American people will not settle for—nor should the Republicans celebrate—a jobless recovery."

Well said Nancy, well s - Oh wait a minute that was way back in October of 2003 when 203,000 private sector jobs were added to the economy and unemployment was a staggering only 5.8%. Golly, what must Nancy think now of Obama's performance? anyone out there?

So according to Budowsky, 80,000 private sector jobs added is groovy while 203,000 added is bad. In what alternate universe does this make sense? The 80,000 jobs added last month is only about half of what we need in this country just to keep up with population growth. However, Budowsky would have you believe that because the number came in higher than expectations and the GOP rightly calls the number below what the American people need they are somehow rooting for America to fail.

That's like saying the Cubs had a great year because they only finished 25 games out when the experts thought it would be 50!

Hate to break it to you Brent but the GOP is not rooting for America to fail, they believe, as I do, that the Keynesian nonsense that this administration has shackled the US economy with does not work.

Budowsky continues to list the various ways in which the GOP is rooting for America to fail (emphasis mine):

Never in the history of the nation has any great party dreaded good news for America the way Republicans do today.

Again, in my book 80K jobs added is BAD news not good news.

Never in the history of America has any great party so callously and falsely blamed Americans who are jobless for being jobless, blamed Americans who are poor for being poor, blamed Americans who are hungry for being hungry or blamed Americans who are hurting for their hurt as Republicans do today.

The GOP is Blaming OBAMA and his economically inept policies - not the American people - for joblessness. Just look at this administration's stance on oil exploration. Millions of private sector jobs are on standby due to the One's war against traditional energy.

Never in the history of the Congress has any leader done what the Republican Senate leader did, boasting that his great dream for America was not putting Americans to work, but politically destroying the president.

Budowsky is referring to Mitch McConnell's comments in summer of 2011 where he said those very words. But in context he said those words in response to Obama's dream of huge deficits and government overreach. With that in perspective I got no problem with it.

While then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) passed job-creating legislation in the Democratic House, Senate Republicans abused the filibuster even more than the bigot senators of the old segregated South in their drive to make America fail. Senate Republicans destroy America's hope for jobs with the same ferocity of their leader's hyper-partisan ambition to destroy the president.

A, ahem, job creating you say? That was the boondoggle know as TARP that helped the jobless rate skyrocket to over 10%. And where Obama bloviated about shovel-ready jobs only to recant it 12 months later saying that the, um, shovel-ready jobs weren't as shovel-ready as he led us to believe. So keeping with Budowsky's theme, ANYTHING the government does, regardless of how ineffective and inefficient is good. And anyone who opposes this point of view is hoping for America to fail. Gothcha.

Budowsky apparently can't resist himself and gives a jibe at Romney for, of all things, being successful.

Never in the history of the nation has any great party been led by a man who praises his own wealth with such conceit and claims this as his qualification for the presidency. Even leading Republicans have called him a vulture.

All things being equal here (and they are not) I'd rather have a man in the Oval office who has actually signed the front of a paycheck not just the back.

Finally, Budowsky trots out the liberal mantra of GOP = the party of 'No'.

The party of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan is now the party of "no" that hopes America fails and blames Americans first.

If that means saying no to the most expansive increase in the federal government, count me among the not just NO but he HELL NO folks.


  1. Well, Mr. Budowsky, I see what you have done--thrown the confetti and hoped it would stick to the gullible. Shame, shame on you as my (and probably anyone over 50) grandma used to say.
    You've been dishonest, and now you must be punished. Go pick out a switch, and if it's not big enough, those of us who are not quite as dim as you like will find one.

    1. Anon - God you just brought back vivid memories of my Grandmother telling me to pick out my own switch.. .Uggg, thanks for the memory flash.

  2. Hasn't the democratic lord-god Obama done anything impeachable yet? I mean, I see him subverting, mis-representing or outright defying the Constitution weekly. He's lied to the American people repeatedly. I could have sworn I heard him say "I did not have sexual relations with that Constitution" at least once, maybe I'm confusing him with another impeached president.
    That would be a nice idea for a blog post, lay out all the articles for impeachment.

    1. Paul - thanks for your comment and I am on it!

  3. Mr. Budowsky is missing the painfully obvious. At the rate things are going, we don't have to hope for the economy to fail because it simply will. Another term of Obama will definitely put the final nail in that coffin. There's no "hope" about it.

    1. Anon - thanks for the comment. No question about it. These guys are stunned that their Keynesian nonsense didn't work so what do they do? The same thing again and again and still they wonder 'why is this not working?'


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