Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seriously - is anybody really shocked that the WH is racked with scandals?


Alternate title - The media feels like a battered wife

Been working on other stuff sorry for not being around to amuse and enlighten - well amuse anyway. With all the fun going on in Washington, I thought I might through my 2 cents worth in. 

I’m speaking of course about Scaldalmainia. Here’s my question - does this really come as a shock to anyone? I mean it’s not like the media actually vetted this guy for the position. From community organizer (still don’t know what that means) to state senate to US senate to President. Again, it’s hard for me to understand how anybody could have expected anything different. Add to that he’s political learning’s came from Chicago and one has to wonder why there are only 4 scandals.

But in reality there may be more. It’s not like the mainstream media is actually paying attention. According to John Nolte over at the big three have come kicking and screaming to even mention them (emphasis mine):

Our media is not only biased, it is an utter and complete failure and embarrassment. And although there are plenty of remaining table scraps to make meals out of, the media is already losing interest in the IRS, Libya, and AP scandals, but for only one reason--they are absolutely terrified of where they might lead.

And that’s just it - they (THE FREAKING MEDIA) are terrified of what they may find. Read: They are afraid to do their jobs because They don’t want to be the one to blow the whistle on The One.

This sounds like a battered who blames themselves or others for getting whacked around all the time. Just look what the Honorable Congressman from Washington Jim McDermott had to say to the citizens that were taken to task by the IRS over their political/religious beliefs:

“I haven’t heard a single word here about what questions you think we ought to be able to ask you about your tax-exempt request,” he said. “Anything else, like the circus that’s happening in the Oversight Committee or here, is simply political theater.”
Really! What questions the applying organization thinks should be asked? - um gee, I don’t know - how about the same ones you ask to 501(c)’s that aren’t Tea Party related for a start. Talk about blame the victim McDermott.

Not to fear though, Vice President (doh) Rep Paul Ryan didn’t let this old dinosaur get away with his nonsense. Not only did he call McDermott on it so did Megan Kelly (sigh) later on.

So it would seem that the media’s lack of interest in the presidents background when he was running in 2008 and the continued head-in-the-sand attitude since, has come back to haunt their credibility. - One can only hope that eventually it will hurt their wallets as more and more people turn from the water-carrying networks to sources that will tell it like it is. Oh well I can dream.

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  1. Have you noticed the media has not uncovered any of these scandals? The UK Guardian just informed us that NSA is monitoring Verizon customers.


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