Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Review: the Devil’s in the Cows by Sippican Cottage

Oh, Mr. Sippican, a thousand curses upon you and yours’! Due to the untimely arrival of your book via the USPS, damn their eyes, I have given up eating, sleeping and (if I were still married) sex. (Wait, if I remembered correctly that last one was not dependent upon my marital status so you are off the hook there). But oh, what about the children, yes Mr. Writer/Furniture man! My children, who’ve not bathed since the arrival of this accursed manuscript. And unless there is a morsel or two within their reach, low in the fridge, they are no doubt hungry as well (although I did notice the dog food bowl was empty so you might be off the hook there too).
Ok, to the book. Well done sir. I have had the advantage of following the Author’s blog for a number of years so I expected the book to be good. That being said, good, doesn’t cover it.
Each story is preceded by a picture from the Library of Congress which the author uses to inspire a story. Each story, 37 in all, is less than 1,000 words long (flash fiction is the fancy word for it). What amazes me is how much story Sippican packs into each story. Not one word is wasted, and each packs a punch. Sippican has taken an obscure genre and given it mainstream status. Get this book and you won’t be sorry (although your personal hygiene may suffer in the short term).

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