Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The case of the evil jet owners

0200 local time, at an undisclosed private airport in Wisconsin. Super-Duper Way-Cool Secrete Agent BO (Code name Bambi) and his trusty sidekick Joe B (Code name Gaffe Machine) are about about to blow the lid off the super secrete society of corporate jet owners. Let's listen in on the operation:

Agent BO: We got'em now trusty sidekick Joe B.

Trusty sidekick Joe B: Got who?

Agent BO, turned to find Joe B looking through his night binoculars the wrong way and sighed.

Agent BO: The dastardly evil Jet Owners, of course.

Trusty sidekick Joe B: There're kind small aren't they. I mean I thought they'd be much bigger.

Agent BO sighed again, reached over, and turned the binoculars around.

Trusty sidekick Joe B: Holy cow! that's much better everything's so big.

Agent BO: Keep it down will'ya we don't need to get caught this close to their lair.

Trusty sidekick Joe B: Golly, we sure don't. Um, by the way what's a lair?

Agent BO: Never mind. Here comes the big man himself.

Agent BO trained his own binoculars to the tarmac of the seemingly deserted airport in the middle of nowhere, while Trusty sidekick Joe B trained his on the moon.

Trusty sidekick Joe B: Wowsers, the moon is really big when you look at it through these binocular thingy's.

Agent BO: Pay attention and hold this super cool Whisper 2000 I got at Radio Shack so we can hear what they are saying.

Through the speaker:

"Well, the jig is up."

"What do you mean, Mr. Lear?"

"That wily, community organizer, Miss Gulfstream, he's got the goods on us."

"But I thought we had the world convinced that the true secrete cabal behind the new world order was George Soros.

"Guess we were wrong."

"I don't understand, Mr. Lear, what do they have on us?"

"Oh, everything, Miss Gulfstream, everything. Creating jobs, exporting American made products overseas, paying taxes and worst of all, making a profit for our shareholders."

The agents heard an audible gasp from Miss Gulfstream and couldn't help but grin. Although in truth, Trusty sidekick Job B's grin could have just been gas.

Agent BO: Okay, Trusty sidekick Joe B we got what we came for let's make like an egg and beat it.

Trusty sidekick Joe B: We got eggs! That's great let's eat!

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