Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fear the Community Organizer-in-Chief

Okay, I saw this over on the Washington Post's blog page and honestly thought it was satire. But apparently it is an honest post by Jonathan Capehart entitled, I kid you not, Time for Obama to be Feared by the Tea Party. Okay, okay, stop laughing now; come on guys cut it out I'm trying to write a blog here. In his blog, Capehart states that he wants Obama to ahem, "out crazy the crazies." Never mind that his going in position is that, rather than being good, upstanding patriots, who only want their government to stop spending like me on a drunken Saturday night (lemme tell you folks that ain't pretty), no, he is implying that the Tea Partiers are crazy. His only back up for the mental state of the Tea Partiers is:

The Tea Party certainly wasn't afraid to force the country into default. That it got its way in the debt deal will no doubt embolden it to
push Obama into more compromising positions
Oh, the loons, you mean after the Organizer-in-Chief pushed through almost $1 trillion worth of nothing, bought a car company with taxpayer money and created the largest entitlement program the world has ever seen, these crazies want to harsh his mellow by actually telling him that enough is enough. Holy cow get the straitjackets.

Okay, the menal state of the Tea Party not withstanding, what struck me truly funny about the article was Mr. Capehart's point that Obama should get all rough and tough on the Tea Party folks by:

"use[ing] everything the bully pulpit has to offer to get what he wants, including shutting down the government if he must."

Use the what? The bully pulpit? Are you kidding me? He was on TV 5 times trying to sell his "balanced approach" and got steamrolled by his own party! So now Capehart's advice is to go after the Tea Partiers? Just a quick visual to help us out here.
Good luck with that one champ.

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