Thursday, August 4, 2011

Siamo ormai tutti gli italiani!

Where am I? I woke up this morning and discovered much to my chagrin, I now live in Italy (economically speaking) and I don't even speak the language (emphasis mine).

US borrowing tops 100% of GDP: Treasury
The new borrowing took total public debt to $14.58 trillion, over end-2010 GDP of $14.53 trillion, and putting it in a league with highly indebted countries like Italy and Belgium.

Now, while our grand-children's economic future is circling the drain, surely those fearless sentinels of truth, the mainstream media, are bravely questioning the powers that be to determine what our elected leaders are doing to avert disaster. Right? Let's check in with our friends at MSNBC and see what good ol' Martin Bashir has on his program. He has as his guest one Dr. Stanton Peele whose specialty is addiction. Well that is great, so now we are going to get to the underlying root of our nation's addiction to spending, right? Silly rabbit. Dr. Stanton is on to clinically analyze the mental health of, wait for it… The Tea Party! I kid you not. Here is the venerable Dr. (Again emphasis mine):

Well, the way I think about it is they are pursuing goals that can't be achieved. It's sort of like a child who has some kind of fantasy, and they keep asking you to give them things to acquire that, but it's impossible to arrive at the goal that they want.

You know, like fiscal responsibility, impossible stuff like that. Meanwhile, the left's nineteenth century dream of a perfect socialist utopia is just around the corner, if only we could just get rid of these terrorist/nut job Tea Partiers who want to make us live within our means. Folks, Our nation's economic condition is on life support and all Bashir wants to talk about is the mental health of the only people in congress who bothers to do something about it. Well, I'm off to see the Colosseum.

We are all Italians now!


  1. I don't even know if this can get turned around. How depressing. Our only hope is to get a bunch of fiscal conservatives of any party into government and get rid of half the bureaucrats!


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