Friday, August 5, 2011

File under knock me over with a feather # 2

Yesterday Jay Carney, White House press secretary, said "The White House doesn't create jobs". And in other news it is confirmed that there is no Santa Claus. Okay, I'd like to give the man some slack here but, alas, I can't. This administration slammed an $800 billion Keynesian "stimulus" program down our throats, not to mention cash for clunker, dollars for dishwashers etc. that accomplished exactly squat unless you buy the company line that it saved or created 2.5 million jobs. A number that is virtually impossible to verify, yet they tout it as if an absolute number. They have pivoted to Jobs more times than gaffe-o-mattic Joe has put his foot in his mouth. At what point do these folks realize that, gasp, the Keynesian economic model is a steaming pile of crap?

As an example of this abject refusal to see reality, last week, the Nobel Prize laureate, Paul Krugman, was pushing the same nonsense on ABC's This Week. He was paneled with George Will, George Stephanopoulos and Grover Norquist. (Editor's Note: I was stunned to see that Norquist did not have horns and a forked tail as I was led to believe by the mainstream media). I swear I thought Will was going to reach over and smack Krugman on the head and say "Could you please smarten the F up?"

After Norquist made the point that Texas had created over half the net jobs over the last 24 months by deregulating the market (Texas has no income tax), the great and powerful Krugman said in his most peevish voice, "That's not true. The statistics just don't prove that." Well said sir, nothing to see here just move along.

Further, Krugman, after interrupting Will over and over again, said that the problem was that the stimulus was, ahem, too, small. That being said, George Will had the money shot at the 5:35 mark implying that the Democrats should run on the slogan "the government is too frugal." Brilliant.

I swear it is painful to watch Krugman on these panels. He looks like a shocked laboratory rat, trying to carry water for the Dems. You can see him physically pulling away from Will knowing he's about to get slammed. This Keynesian nonsense doesn't work huh? Well once again, knock me over with at feather.

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