Thursday, August 11, 2011

‘Greenhouse’ Gore in 2016!

I saw this while eating my morning cereal and literally shot milk through my nose. Seems Brent Budowsky wants to draft, ahem, Al Gore for president in 2016 (emphasis mine):

Let me be the first to propose a national movement to draft Al Gore for president in 2016, carry the banner of the New Frontier heritage of the Democratic Party
On the playing field of national politics, Gore is the conscience of the Democratic Party, the soul of what true Democrats stand for, and the fighting spirit that Democrats everywhere hunger for.

Hell and Yes!! Please, Please, Please draft this barely marginal lunatic for the Democratic nomination. My guess is that you could get donations from the right as well.

After lamenting the disappointment of the current administration, albeit not by name, Mr. Budowsky gives 'Greenhouse' Gore's qualifications:

If Gore runs in 2016 he would be the most qualified candidate for the presidency in a century.
Gore was a first-rate member of the House. A leader of substance and depth in the Senate. An influential vice president in the highly successful presidency of Bill Clinton. A Nobel laureate who earned the honor through decades of service to save the earth from poisons that could destroy her, and from those who threaten her with their lust for profits and their cult of greed.

Wow, a member of both the House and the Senate. Um, any real work experience? Nope, just a career politician. Oh, yeah, and a Nobel prize winner for a left-wing movie that has been thoroughly debunked. Niiiice. A career politician and a liar, wait that's redundant. Oh, and Brent don't forget he invented the interwebs too!

Mr. Budowsky goes on for another eight paragraphs further solidifying his bromance with Gore comparing him to both John and Ted Kennedy and, gulp, Reagan. By implication Budowsky has all but given up on Obama's chances in 2012, and rightfully so. That being said I really think he is on to something here.

GORE 2016!!


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