Monday, September 5, 2011

This just in: Water is wet

I know this will come as a great shock to everyone here, but there are academicians who believe that Tea Party members are, wait for it… Racist! Yes, yes I know, I know not a big surprise here but it does get better. Apparently, at the American Political Science Association convention in Seattle this week, everyone is a -flutter about several papers out indicating that the Tea Party are more racist than the average American. Here are a few of the remarks that PROOOVE the Tea Party folks are sheet wearing - cross burning racists:

But it is clear that the movement is more appealing to people who are unsympathetic to blacks and who prefer a harder line on illegal immigration than it is to other Americans, (Gary C. Jacobson, University of California at San Diego).

Um, gee, the Tea Party wants what? Secure boarders? An even playing field for all Americans not just those who can access the treasury by voting for the democrats?

It continues:

Using his own survey data, he concluded that tea party supporters were more likely than the general public to believe speech should be free of restrictions and were just as likely to support indefinite detention of suspected terrorists, but were more willing for police to use racial profiling to stop crimes. (Christopher S. Parker, University of Washington)

Wow, free speech for all? Insanity. Use statistics to prevent crimes? Shudder at the thought! Keeping enemy combatants off the battlefield? Crazy man, that's just crazy!

There were few others who thought different:

Other academics saw other mechanisms at work. Emily McClintock Ekins, a graduate student at the University of California at Los Angeles, said tea partyers have more faith in the fairness of (gasp) capitalism, which she said could explain their attitudes on race.
"This makes it less surprising that nearly all Tea Partiers believe that hard work, rather than luck, drives success. This might also explain their lower levels of racial empathy, as they are less aware for how opportunity may be different for particular groups of people," she wrote in a working draft paper.

Ms. McClintock almost got there but she couldn't resist implying that what is misleading the Tea Party folks is their lack of understanding of how opportunity differs from group to group. REALLY, after 50 years of the disastrous 'war on poverty', somehow the Tea Party is still in the dark? Years of racial quotas, trillions of dollars of transferred wealth? And they somehow don't know?

Maybe just maybe the Tea Party understands more than you think. It is NOT racism from conservative groups that are keeping the black community down. It is the racism from the left that has utterly destroyed the black community by making a disproportionate number of them completely dependent upon the government. Why, because in their heart of hearts the left does not think the black community can stand on its own because they are inferior. And Black leaders feed into this nonsense because it makes them rich. Without constantly playing the race card, the left's house of cards will certainly come tumbling down.

By the way, here is Mark Meckler (co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots) response to this academic nonsense:

"This is good. You're making my day," said Mark Meckler. "Statistics show that the vast number of folks that are in the world of academia are liberals," he said after collecting himself. "Liberals don't like the tea party movement. I don't think that's news. From my perspective, they've literally become a caricature of themselves," he said of the academy, adding that there are a "few exceptions."

Ouch, indifference is the greatest insult of all, Mr. Meckler. Well done sir, well done indeed.



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