Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elective Suicide

I often wonder what the general public in Rome were doing during the last few years before the Empire fell. Probably laundry or taking out the trash or helping their kids with their homework. Same stuff we are doing now I suspect. I wonder if there were any folks like Eric Cantor-Arilius or Marco Rubio-Maximus decrying that not only did the emperor have no clothes on, but his disastrous policies will certainly bring down the empire in short order.

I saw this article from The American Thinker by Rael Jean Isaac called Global Warming and National Suicide(emphasis mine):

Landes describes those who initiate and build support for these movements as roosters, for they crow an exciting new message, and their opponents as owls, those counseling caution and skepticism.  To drown out the warning owls, roosters must rally elites to their cause.  That is how the global warming movement made its inroads: with governments and a small cadre of activists taking the lead.  Once the authorities pronounce themselves in favor of the prophecy and it "pays" to believe, many more ordinary people will join in.

This got me to thinking. It's not just the global warming nonsense that the current administration has wrong and has the country chasing its collective tail in a race to economic suicide. The Obama's monetary, foreign, energy and domestic policies would give any cold war era Soviet wet dreams. This administration is systematically tearing down every component of this country that makes it uniquely American.

At this juncture of the Obama's presidency one has to wonder; is he truly this stupid or is he single handedly trying to do in four years what the Soviet Union couldn't do in forty? I ask because you could overtly try to dismantle this country and not do a better job.

Let's take a look at some of Obama's highlights:

Energy Policy - Rather than increasing domestic production or at the very least import from an ally (i.e. XL pipeline) this administration has shut down virtually all off shore production - invested in Brazil's oil production and enriched our enemies in the Middle East. Now, I am not so naive to believe in so called 'energy independence' but we could certainly create a more stable supply especially with countries like Canada and for God's sake increase supply at home.

Foreign Policy - From this administrations abject distain for Israel to molly coddling a (soon to be nuclear armed) Iran, you'd be hard pressed to create a less stable environment - not just in the region but security of the rest of the world is at stake here as well. The longer Obama puts off real leadership, countries like Iran and peoples like the Taliban and the knuckleheads in Palestine will become more embolden and increase their attacks on freedom loving countries everywhere while we do nothing but talk about it. Russia and China have to be licking their chops at our abdication as a world power. Nature arbores a vacuum and their influence will increase as ours declines.

Domestic Policy - From the passage of Obamacare to the overreach of non-elected boards like the NLRB and EPA (not to mention attacks on religious freedom), this administration's assault on the Constitution is nothing less than treasonous. Yet Obama and his allies in the media have effectively helped re frame the argument so that it looks like it is the Republicans who are conducting an all out war on women's health or the environment.

Monetary Policy - What round of quantitative easing are we up to now? 13? 14? I've lost count. One of the best ways to destroy a country is to destabilize its currency just ask George Soros.

Economic Policy - Cash for clunkers - TARP - "Investment" in Green products - Auto Bailout that preferred Unions over Bond holders - Release of Strategic Oil Reserves as an answer to high gas prices. These are just a few of the gimmicky short-term nonsense Obama calls economic policies.

At every opportunity to make a meaningful decision that will decide the direction of the country, Obama has consistently made the wrong one further bringing this great country closer and closer to ruin.


  1. The idea being, that once Obongo and crew wreck this country, with everyone both impoverished, and stupid, they can re-create it as their socialist paradise. The Devils' greatest triumph was convincing people he did not exist. Obongos' has be convincing people that he is not a Communist.

    1. Sean - You know at first I just bought into the rhetoric that he was simply overwhelmed with the job. But I'm starting to see your point about this being a consorted socialist effort.


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