Saturday, March 24, 2012

Winston’s Websites of the Day 3-24-12

Selflessly scouring the interwebs so you don't have to
Who loves abortion more than Obama and Sebelius? 
Via The Anchoress:

It's a serious question: is there a politician alive who loves abortion more than Barack Obama? Is there a bureaucrat alive who serves it more faithfully than Kathleen Sebelius?
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The Trayvon Martin killing, while sadly generic, is twisted into a platform for the Left's usual crew of race mongers 
Via The Bookworm:

What's missing from all this racial hysteria in Obama's America is the truth.  I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that the truth does not involve a wholesome black boy, in a "safe," "white" neighborhood, randomly killed for being black by a non-black man.  Instead, the truth involves a very large black kid on a five day suspension from school, in a dangerous, mixed-race neighborhood, pounding a Hispanic man into the ground.  Whether the Hispanic man was sufficiently in fear of his life to justify a self-defense shooting remains to be seen.  What's clear, though, is that the media narrative is a lie.
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Rockwell was a genius


Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

I Got Asked Again The Other Day, Rather Bluntly, Why We Don't Send The Kids To School 
Via Sippican Cottage:

It's science, biatches. The idea that if public schools had more money they'd be swell is nonsense. If you cut the education budget to zero, and had entirely unqualified teachers (parents) teaching their own children, children would be overwhelmingly better educated than they are right now.  And we'd be able to cut taxes by 400 billion dollars or so. All the good teachers (I know many) should be teaching in private schools and making more money anyway.
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Via From the Caer:

Sooooooo... the climate is changing dramatically and catastrophically? (insert Chicken Little here...) But we are supposed to move to sources of energy that are dependent on that catastrophically changing climate?  I fail to see the logic.

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