Friday, April 13, 2012

Only the Govn't Can Deliver The American Dream Now!

Somebody needs to tell labor secretary Hilda Solis no more drinking on the job. Take 68 seconds and watch this video of Hilda speaking at Al Sharpton’s annual convention of the National Action Network in Washington, D.C and see if you can find any level of coherence:


"We need to understand what the president is fighting for - he is fighting for you and (sic) I."

Just a personal note, when I hear a politician say that they are fighting for (fill in the blank) - it usually means taking something from someone and giving it to another. But I digress, here's more:

"And it's about fairness (ah that lovely word) - it's about fairness in the workplace (read: Unions) it's about fairness in education (read: Teacher's Unions and subsisted student loans) and it's about fairness about what services are provided by government. And if we can't have a say-so in that then this isn't the dream that all of us aspire to be a part of."

Fairness about what services are provided by government. Can anybody tell me what the hell that means? Is she implying that the American dream can only be realized if the government has the 'say-so" about how the government provides services and to whom?

This is extremely troublesome if she really believes that the American Dream is now dependent upon the government and how it redistributes services/wealth. But wait there's even more:

..Because if people aren't paying their taxes - those that can afford it - the billionaires - the millionaires - even the folks as you heard yesterday that were in the White House that agreed to pay more. They want to pay more because they know it's their obligation. Because that's what we stand by - those principles. That's very very important for us to understand what the president is fighting for - for fairness..

Unbelievable, just jaw-dropping - deer-in-the-headlights - nu-freaking-believable. Her argument for higher taxes is because some millionaire pin-heads want to pay more in taxes because they feel it's their obligation! Look, if there are some misguided lemmings out there who want to throw their money away knock yourself out - but don't expect the rest of us to jump off that cliff.

And what does she mean by - "people not paying their taxes?" Who? Who is not paying their taxes? My guess is that she means some people aren't paying enough.

The mask slips even more with her 'because that's what we stand by - those principles' nonsense. Am I to understand that higher taxes are now a belief in something with higher meaning? That if you pay more taxes then you are somehow a better person? More patriotic?

I truly believe that this administration is not about improving the economy. No, it is only about punishing those who they see as evil (oil, wall-street, banks, etc.). There ultimate goal is fairness for all, which of course is nothing less that socialism. They will deny it and hide behind terms like fairness and war on (again) fill in the blank.

Our only hope is that the electorate will see through this nonsense and chuck them out in November, otherwise they'll have four more years to drag us closer and closer to Obama's socialist utopia.


  1. If someone really and truely wants to pay more than their required taxes, I'm sure they could find a way. The rest of us can direct our resources to the charities we choose.

    1. GaryLR - Thanks for dropping by. Amen brother. Do you really think that the government can more efficiently redistribute wealth better than us? It kills me that our tax dollar have to go through many layers of bureautards like her to finally get to where they can make a difference. Charity has to be done locally and not nationally one size does not fit all. It only creates dependency.


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