Monday, April 30, 2012

Stephen is King of Crap

(Editor’s Note: I have read just about everything Stephen King has written and am a big big fan of his fiction.)

Mr. King has an Op Ed over at the Daily Beast that is nothing short of a drunken profanity laced tirade. 

While I don't mind that Mr. King speaks his mind, knock yourself out big guy, but if there is anything I've learned doing what I do here at 6079 you gotta back up your words. I don't want to go through Mr. King's point with his column but rather how he tries to make his point and just how badly it hurts his cause. Let's start with this paragraph:

The Koch brothers are right-wing creepazoids, but they're giving right-wing creepazoids. Here's an example: 68 million fine American dollars to Deerfield Academy. Which is great for Deerfield Academy. But it won't do squat for cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, where food fish are now showing up with black lesions.

Creepazoids? Based on what? Have you ever actually met either of the Koch brothers Mr. King? Fish with lesions due to the BP Oil spill? There is no evidence that the BP spill is causing any such thing. Yet King says it as if it is fact.

In his first sentence he manages to call Governor Christie Fat. (Stay classy Stevie!) But what is really ironic about the first paragraph? Well check it out for yourself:

Chris Christie may be fat, but he ain't Santa Claus. In fact, he seems unable to decide if he is New Jersey's governor or its caporegime, and it may be a comment on the coarsening of American discourse that his brash rudeness is often taken for charm.

King has the gall to chastise Christie's 'coarseness' and then spends the next several thousand words profanely deriding the right in a seemingly stream of consciousness rant.

Again, big fan of his fiction but this one should never have made it past the editor's desk. It reflects badly on both King and the Daily Beast.


  1. Always said he was a nut job

    1. Anonymous - thank you for your comment. I know but what kills me is I love his books. Read many several times. How can someone that talented be that miss-guided? Just goes to show that talent does not mean intelligence.


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