Sunday, May 20, 2012

“They don’t get us..”

Mr. Biden that could be the most profound statement of your public life. Last week The Veep delivered a fiery speech where he indicated that those evil rich guys (read Romney) don't get us. For your viewing pleasure here is a video:

The link is from Business Insider and Michael Brendan Dougherty tries to make the case that Biden can pander, er, I mean connect with southern middle class workers:

And that's where Biden comes in. He is the only populist in this 2012 presidential race. He can speak to a crowd of middle and working class voters in Youngstown and say "They don't get it. They don't get who we are," and that crowd just instantly connects with him in a way that they can't with either of the men at the top of the ticket. 

For all his verbal-gaffes, Biden has the feel for a part of America that Romney and Obama don't

I am on the other side of that fence. While this sort of class envy nonsense works for some I'm guessing most see right through it. And given the performance of these economic titans over the past 3 plus years they should have about as much credibility as a clever garden slug.

I mean if Biden's message is that Romney takes risks on businesses that sometimes fail, um, so what. By implication the Obama team is suggesting that the country is far better off under the governance of two people with no experience except, ahem, public service. Call me old fashioned but I'd rather have a president who has actually signed the front of a paycheck not just the back of one.


  1. I was really confused by this speech. He was saying, "I am from a middle class family. My brothers and sister could grow up to be millionaires. *They* don't understand us." And I thought for sure he must have been talking about OWS. I mean, hating middle class people who grow up to be millionaires is totally OWS territory. But he was talking about Republicans.

    So I looked into his family. His brother and son got a little seed money from a lobbyist to start hedge funds. They set up LBB Holdings USA and bought into ponzi schemes. If his sister is a millionaire, she got that way by running his campaigns or marrying a rich lawyer.

    So thanks, Joe. After watching your speech and looking into the circumstance, I think I do understand you a little better. You hate rich people becuase the rich people you know are not the kind who make the world a better place.

  2. Joe Biden, call your office: Darth Soros wants a word with you.

    1. Bilwick - thank you for stopping by. Soros is one scary dude. Biden's inability to fully understand what he is saying say's volumes about the way he thinks. If any presidential candidate's ambition from birth is to be president then he is the wrong guy/gal for the job.

  3. Hot Air URL from last month:

    A study was recently done that indicates Conservatives have a much better grasp/understanding of the Liberal worldview compared to Libs' seeming inability to accurately comprehend and articulate the Conservative viewpoint. There's a decided gap in the comparative intellectual capacities of mutual understanding.

    1. C-Man - I saw that and was not very surprised. It is my belief that liberals will make judgements on what they think is the right thing to do rather than what the facts can support. You know I'm not a bad guy and I'd love for everyone to have access to the best healthcare in the world. But if it bankrupts the country to achieve it they've lost me.


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