Saturday, July 7, 2012

California high-speed rail gets green light!

Hell and yes! My mother always said, if you decide to do something you might as well do it all the way. California's willful spiral into insolvency just got a huge boost. This from AP:

California lawmakers gave the green light to start building the nation's first dedicated high-speed rail line, a multibillion dollar project that will eventually link Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Keep in mind that the state government is projecting a $16 Billion deficit for 2012 alone! And the projected cost for this cho-cho is $100 billion! Never mind that there are already many other options for commuters going between LA and San Francisco with much more flexibility not to mention cost effective. It appears that Brown and his economically illiterate allies are hell bent on making California the Greece of the Union.

What was the reason the Dems gave for going forward with the project you might ask? Dan Richard, chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, which is managing the project, explains:

 California would have lost billions of dollars in federal aid if the Senate fails to pass the bill before adjourning Friday for a month long recess.

Really - so regardless of the fact that this thing is untenable in any economic sense, California is so desperate that they will build the train to nowhere just for a few billion bucks. I guess once you are on the Federal Government's dole you never go back.

Now people all across the country are going to pay for this boondoggle as more and more federal dollars roll in because California has absolutely no way of finishing this pile of steaming crap with their own tax revenues. Hope the folks in Enid, Oklahoma like their new Cho-Cho that they will never see.

So let's see if we have all the bases covered:
Project that we have no way to pay for - check
Project that replicates more efficient alternatives - check
Project that will make the unions happy - check
Project that will eventually cost the rest of the country money - Check
Project that is built on one of the most dangerous fault lines in the entire world - check and double check

This, my friends, is what passes for state governance in California. Nothing to see here folks move along move along

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