Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kerry’s sure got his priorities right, No?

Sec of State  and part time villain on Scooby Doo John Kerry

How far in the sand can this administration bury its collective head? Secretary of State John Kerry, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt his “Global Warming is the greatest WMD threat in the world” gaff was not a faux pas, doubled down by issuing a guidance paper to all diplomats (emphasis mine):

Over the weekend, ahead of a round of low-level climate treaty talks that kicked off today in Bonn, Germany, Secretary of State John Kerry sent a fresh signal that he plans to keep global warming at the top of the State Department’s agenda.
The signal came in the form of Kerry’s first policy guidance message to all of his far-flung diplomats.

Ok, Let’s see here -  Ukraine is in turmoil, Venezuela is about to explode, the Iranians are closer to a nuclear weapon than ever, Hamas  unveiled a statue in the likeness of a rocket aimed at Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan is an unmitigated mess, North Korea is run by a madman, Libya is still basically ungoverned and the first policy guidance Kerry sends out is on CLIMATE CHANGE?

The world is falling apart and Kerry want's to talk about the seats on the Titanic.It's almost as if we've entered the - wait, what's that sound....

Dee de dee de, dee de dee de...

Then, the scene faded from color to black and white as the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair wearing a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

"Submitted for your approval, an excursion into a bizarre alternate universe. Destination: a country that was once a shining beacon but is now presided over by a man whose unbridled arrogance and environmental hypocrisy are matched only by the mindless blathering of his loyal government minions, a nation formerly called the United States of America but with each passing day becomes more and more a part of The Twilight Zone."

Exit question: Am I wrong here?


  1. This whole administration is inept. Can't they hire anybody who can do their job? I am so disgusted with this government. Belize is looking better and better. I thought Hillary was a horrible Secretary of State. Who knew the next one would be worse. The trouble with their Twilight Zone is that they force us to live in it.

    1. Shovel-man good to see you again. I agree. It is amazing the longer these folks are in office the less common sense they seem to retain.


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