Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What difference does it make Madam Secretary?

Only the difference between trusting that your elected officials are honest versus how instead they will spin events to help them in an election. 18 months after the events unfolded in Benghazi, a CIA officer confirmed that there were no protests before misleading Benghazi account given by the administration. This from the Washington Times (emphasis mine):

Before the Obama administration gave an (false) inaccurate narrative on national television that the Benghazi attacks grew from an anti-American protest, the CIA’s station chief in Libya pointedly told his superiors in Washington that no such demonstration occurred, documents and interviews with current and former intelligence officials show.

The attack was “not an escalation of protests,” the station chief wrote to then-Deputy CIA Director Michael J. Morell in an email dated Sept. 15, 2012 — a full day before the White House sent Susan E. Rice to several Sunday talk shows to disseminate talking points claiming that the Benghazi attack began as a protest over an anti-Islam video.

Oopsy. Oh, and the good news? Guess who is scheduled to appear before the House Intelligence Committee tomorrow? That’s right, CIA Director Michael Morell who the station chief sent his e-mail to. This should be fun.

But here is what ticks me off. The American public is just finding out about this. The jaw-dropping incuriosity of the mainstream media continues to blow my mind. Think about it. On MSNBC, they have devoted no less than a gazillion hours to bridgegate (where as it turns out nobody died) and about three and a half minutes to the atrocious pre-election cover up the administration perpetrated following the Benghazi disaster, where, by the way, four Americans were actually murdered by terrorists.

In a just world Rice, Clinton and even the president would feel some level of shame for this atrocity, but since our electorate has the attention span of a clever garden slug my guess is that no one will pay a price.

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