Wednesday, August 10, 2011


(Editor's note: In order to give this site more balance (take a drink) content we have invited a guest blogger to give us the Liberal perspective. So without further adieu I give you Larry the Lounge Liberal).

Thank you 6079 Smith, W, I am honored to participate in marketplace of ideas with you and your readers. And speaking of the time honored tradition of debate in this country, whatever happened to Haliburton? You remember, way, way, way back when Dubb-ya was in office. Back then when a Liberal was cornered by the evil conservative pundits' ravings, all he had to do was scream HALIBURTON, cross his arms smugly, then sit back and watch the conservative cower in the glow of the liberal's argument. What argument is that you ask? Uh, no idea, I just know that everyone thought that Haliburton was bad because the sith lord Dick Chaney had something to do with it and that meant it must have been really, really bad. Heady days indeed.

Yep, those were the good ol' days. If your argument was hollow, all you had to do was yell racists or Nazi then watch with triumph as conservatives ran for cover. But alas my friends, those days of sparked debate are over. Now, they just laugh at you when you call Tea Party folks terrorists for example. And get this; the media is actually calling our Liberal brethren on it now. Sorry my fellow Liberals I see dark days ahead. Days where we might actually have to have an argument instead of innuendos and platitudes.

Thank you 6079 Smith, W for allowing me to guest blog. I look forward to blogging again sometime, in the meantime: HALIBURTON!

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