Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Military Poll on Politics

Where does the average hero in the military stand on this year's election? I would like to take the political pulse of those affiliated with the U.S. Military. If you are in the military or affiliated with it in some way please take the following quick anonymous survey. I am not not sure where this will lead until I get the data in but I  will let you know in due course. If you are a military type and follow military blogs please direct some traffic to this poll (link at the bottom of the post) so we can get a robust data set. In the meantime thank you for your time in filling out the poll



Military Experience

Military Affiliation

Military Rank

Political Affiliation

Preferred Presidential Candidate

Who do you prefer?

Who do you prefer 2

Who do you prefer 3

How committed are you to your choice?


  1. I'd even vote for Ron Paul over Obummer.

    1. Captain Craig.. You are very correct my bad. First attempt at the polling thing I will try to correct it without destroying my tenuous coding efforts.

  2. I would vote for Ron Paul over anyone else on the ballot, just to watch liberal heads explode.

    1. Rev. Paul - I thought of putting him up against a 'potted plant' but thought that too snarky even for me.

  3. If this were a horse race, barry is 1 of 2, the other horse is dead, I'm for the dead horse, at least, it wont cause any harm. Its legal and proper to dispose of.

  4. Hmmm, ya kinda missed out on "Military Experience" category - what about those of us who are no longer active duty, but didn't stay 'til retirement? How's about putting in a 'former military' category?

    Proud former Woman Marine

    Semper Fi'

    1. Diamond, I know I know.. I was so interested in getting the damn code right i missed a few things like including Ron Paul. Man I paid for that one too. Hey thank for dropping by I will have a few more polls later and promise to think them out a bit better.


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