Sunday, May 6, 2012

Holy Cow Where is Cathy Vega When You Need Her?

 Death at the Downs (A Cathy Vega Mystery)
As some of my readers may know I have written a book called Death at the Downs where the heroin's name is Cathy Vega (available on Amazon Kindle edition for only $0.99! what a steal! - OK that was shameless self promotion but don't let that stop you from hitting the link and buying the book) and is set at Churchill Downs.

Anyway it turns out that there was an actual murder at the track on Derby Day here in Louisville - Kills me (no pun intended) because the next book in the series (still in the writing stage) is called - wait for it - Death at the Derby. Holy cow how weird is that?


  1. I think Marlowe would be looking very hard at you my friend, but it would turn out to be a red herring, or would it?

    1. Um... I think I need to consult my attorney before I answer that counselor.

    2. BY the way where were you during the Derby?


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