Friday, June 29, 2012

The real class warfare: Government vs. The People

With off scripted comments like "the private sector is doing fine, it's the public sector that needs help", it is very clear exactly how Obama views both economics and politics. His incessant attack on private business and constant desire to bail out unions and local governments should lead everyone to the inescapable conclusion that this president sees government (in all its forms) as the answer to every single social and economic problem. There is no middle ground with this administration.

Chief among governments tools to control the masses are taxation, regulation and executive orders. And boy has this administration unloaded on the country with both barrels. Consider this; since Obama has taken office thousands of new regulations have been issued costing the public billions in bureaucracy and additional compliance costs. Everything from stopping the XL pipeline to putting coal companies out of business. On the tax front, now that the court has upheld O-Care, the electorate can expect no less $1.7 trillion to support ACA alone. That's on top of new taxes that will begin in 2013. Oh and don't forget the huge increase at the end of this year if the Bush era tax cuts are not extended. For more, here is a list of all the tax hikes from the One.

How does all this help the Government class? It gives them control over every aspect of our lives. Look who is benefiting during the worst post war recession. Unemployment rate for PEU is around 4% while the private sector is stuck north of 8%. On average, government workers are paid much better than their private sector counterparts with better fringe benefits. None of this is by accident. Statist like this administration and their allies in the media and congress see this as 'the right thing to do'. They are convinced that the government is right in all things large and small. The more they can intrude in individual's lives, curb individual freedoms and in effect control the masses through regulation, taxation or putting them on the dole in some fashion the easier it will be for us uneducated masses to fall in line to the progressive way of thinking.

In this utopia the all-knowing elitist sits atop the mountain while the morlocks electorate toil in the coal mines windmill farms to support their well deserved lavish life styles.

We have a very clear choice to make in November at all levels of government. If we don't put a stop to this expansion of government then we will lose our freedoms and the American Dream.


  1. This is absolutely one of your best posts Hope it goes out to everybody. November is now more important than ever.

    1. Shovelman - you honor me. Thank you for your support.


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