Saturday, March 29, 2014

Community organizing the world is tough work

What do you get when you put a community organizer in charge of the free world? Chaos. Look around the world today and you see less freedom, embolden enemies and the resurgence of our old nemesis the Soviet Union, I mean Russia. And here’s the catch, it’s pretty easy to see how we got here. Think about what Obama was trained to do for a moment. A good community organizer is skilled at certain things. For example, race baiting, denigrating those who don’t cotton to your views, giving speeches. All is critical when all you are trying to do is rally the base, but after the speech, the community organizer get’s to go home all self assured of his relevance, while it’s up to someone else to actually do anything the problem. 

The point is, Obama is trained to be reactionary not proactive. Community organizers, from Jessie to Al to Obama are always looking for causes or corporation to shake down, er, I mean, find wrong with and right them. In other words, their job doesn’t begin until say, a white Hispanic kills a black kid in Florida in self defense. Or a black professor is arrested in his home, or an NFL team has a perceived not so nice name. Those are all right up any self respecting community organizers preverbal alley. But when it comes to governing, meh, I’ll just give a speech and all will be well. 

Nothing has displayed the disparity between what is necessary for a chief executive (namely to be proactive) and Obama in his (reactionary) handling of foreign affairs. Russia just invaded another country without a shot being fired. Syria is still enjoying their chemical weapons stock pile, Iran will soon be nuclear armed, Libya and Egypt are an outright mess, oh, and don't forget he presided over the first US Ambassador assassination is 35 years. Our friends and enemies are laughing openly at his feckless indifference, if not outright naïveté, to how pathetically he approaches foreign affairs.

But here’s the rub folks, you can’t blame Obama, he is only doing what he was trained to do. He’s never run a state or a corporation, so to expect him to understand the chief executive role is unfair. So whom do we blame.  The usual suspects. The media, for their lack of simple curiosity about the man when he was running for office. The electorate for buying into he’s ‘stop the seas from rising’ bullshit. No we got what we asked for and we will have it for another three and a half years. I only hope the country can survive that long.

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