Sunday, March 30, 2014

The (In) dispensable Nancy Pelosi

The things I do for you guys. I was trolling over at the Daily Beast (so you don’t have to - you’re welcome) and found this nugget of wisdom from Robert Shrum entitled The Indispensible Nancy Pelosi. The article is effectively telling the readers just how wonderful the former Speaker was and still is. Here's  a few slice of the preverbal ra-ra- that passes for journalism from Shrum (emphasis mine as always):

Republicans turned the Democrats’ leader in the House into the prime reason to keep a Florida district in GOP hands. No wonder they fear her: she’s as responsible for liberal success in Washington as President Obama has been.
Honestly, I can give you no argument here Mr. Shrum, conservatives do indeed fear her but not for the reasons you think. We fear given her role one as of the architects of the most crippling piece of legislation to ever come out of Washington and that it will eventually bring down this great nation of ours if we don’t do something about it and soon. Our fear runs deep and it runs long Mr. Shrum. What Mr. Shrum is touting as her ‘liberal’ successes is exactly why the GOP should be losing sleep over at night. More from Shrum:

So Pelosi had to find her own path to progress - and she did. As Speaker, she not only cajoled her majority into approving the Senate version of Obamacare without amendments - a disagreeable and nearly unprecedented concession from her own members and the only maneuver that could rescue the bill.
So let me see if I have this right, keeping in mind that Shrum’s going in position is that Obamacare, first and foremost, was the right thing to do (which clearly empirical evidence would suggest it is not). Second, even the mighty Pelosi had to bring her caucus kicking and screaming to vote for this steaming fly ridden pile of crap. Remember folks, the Dems had both houses of congress and the Oval Office and still she had to whip them into voting for it. Wow, that was tough. No, they got this remarkably flawed legislation though the House and the Senate using dubious procedure at best and most of that was done by Harry Reid not Pelosi. 

The rest of the dems had no idea just how bad this legislation was because nobody took the time to read it before it was passed. All they heard was the leadership, Pelosi included, touting ‘if you like your doctor’, ‘nobody will lose the insurance they have’, ‘bending the cost curve down’, ‘it’ll be just like Travelocity’, etc. Now the vulnerable Dems can’t seem to get far enough away from this toxic, career ending nonsense.

Finally, we get this Krugmanesque bit from Shrum (emphasis mine):

Earlier, she had held virtually every Democrat in line, all but 11 of her majority, to pass the 2009 Economic Recovery Act without a single Republican vote. The GOP demonized the legislation - for the wrong reason: it wasn't as big as it should have been - but it did prevent a second Great Depression.
Really, not big enough. It was almost $1,000,000,000,000.00, and at that time an increase on the total US debt of almost 10%. Think about that for a moment. The US was 233 years old, and Pelosi et al managed to increase the total debt of the United States by 10% and Shrum is trying to tell us that it wasn’t big enough? 

What boggles my mind it that he now has the advantage of hindsight and even the President said that the shovel ready projects weren’t so, um, shovel ready. So it should be insulting to everyone who reads this tripe from this knuckle headed elite liberals . Shrum writes a column extolling the great and wise Pelosi without addressing her part in creating this mess she has made in the a) insurance market, b) financial market, c) labor market… You get the picture.

Shrum swears that Pelosi is indispensable. I’ve got an experiment. Let’s get rid of Pelosi for a few years and see how well the markets do when the conservatives have both houses of congress and the Oval Office. But, unfortunately that is not up to us it’s up to San Francisco who keep giving us her highness every 2 years and apparently show no signs of voting her out. Thanks SanFran.

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