Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hot-Rod Harry is off his meds again

The first thing to go is your memory. The second is any remnant of dignity. Or maybe it's the other way round. Either way, does anyone remember this passionate display from Hot-Rod-Harry on the Senate floor back in late February? (Emphasis mine):

There’s plenty of horror stories being told. All are not true but they are being told all over America.
Good times, good times, no!
But wait what is this? On the same Senate Floor Hot-Rod said this not a month later:

[E]xamples that they think are bad -  I’ve called lies, Mr. President, is simply not true.
Really… I mean… I just… you can’t just… SAY WHAT? You cannot make this stuff up folks. He said it - then he unsaid it and now he’s denying he said it at all. Wow, just WOW. How big are his cojones when he can just simply tell an outright lie, on the Senate floor no less, with such a straight face and get away with it? We’ll in defense of his face I’m not sure he has the facial muscles necessary to actually change his expression so straight face is all we’ve got.
Look Reid has made it his practice to go on the Senate floor and simply tell outright lies knowing that apparently nobody will ever call him on it. Anybody remember him telling the public from the Senate floor that he knows for sure that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid income taxes since like the dawn of time? Or that the Koch brothers are un-American just because they exercise their freedom of speech?

Well, my hope is that come November we can reduce hot-rod harry to a back bencher where he can receive the care he needs in his senior years.

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