Sunday, July 13, 2014

Obama and the anal Jihad

This just in!

Here is the headline from Breitbart:

Egyptian Cleric: Muslim Brotherhood Authorizes 'Anal Jihad' for Lonely Terrorists

And yes, it means exactly what you think it means. Here is the meat ahem, I mean root, or um, rather crux, yes, crux of the argument:

In televised remarks on Egypt's Al-Tahrir TV on June 26 and translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute, cleric Mazhar Shahin told his viewers that members of the Muslim Brotherhood were engaging in homosexual anal sex acts as a way to "wage jihad in the name of Allah." It was a "new kind of jihad," he explained, where "they practice homosexuality with one another, thinking, wrongly, that this constitutes jihad for the sake of Allah." The acts are sanctioned if the jihadists are far from their wives.
I challenge all of my many Muslim reader to show me in the Quran exactly where it states that - just because you’re are on a business trip killing the infidels - you have permission, nay , the right to engage in sexual activity with your rather over friendly fellow Mujahideen. Go ahead I’ll wait…

<insert Jeopardy music here>

Ok, times up. I’d wager that the good o’l profit Muhammad never got around to prophesying about his one, or if he did, he probably gave it a prophetic frown.

But here’s the point. Apparently, this “activity” is running rampant in the ranks of the freedom caliphate creating warriors. So, rather than condemning them all to hell, Mazhar Shahin simply makes shit up out of whole cloth and says go ahead big boys, no ones gonna know what goes on behind the tent flaps!

Now who does that remind you of? You know, just making stuff up as you go along?

Oh yeah, President Obama the constitutional professor! You see just like Mazhar treating the Quran like a ‘living document’ -  meant to be interpreted depending on circumstance, Obambi sees the constitution as cumbersome and quaint, thus he can treat it like toilet paper when it suits him and tell us that the founders didn’t anticipate the complexities of today’s world. The final result is that when we choose to ignore the law, or apply the law inequitably, we become little more than a third world country. Put another way, by picking and choosing which laws his administration  will enforce, he creates a land not made up of laws but of executive whims, and those whims are not static, rather they are subject to change depending on the mood of the chief executive.

I’d submit to the president that the founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing regardless of the complexity of the world. And job number one was to write a document that, if applied properly, would throw your ass in jail for the constitutional abuses you’ve perpetrated over the last five and a half years.

I guess until we can get this guy out of office it’s party on in the foxhole!

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