Sunday, March 4, 2012

Keep your Womb out of my Wallet!

I saw this article by Carol Shea Porter over on the website Blue Hampshire Called: The GOP Birth Control Patrol. The article itself is the usual navel-gazing alarmist drivel you expect with any left leaning feminist: 'GOP wants to control women's access to contraceptives':

Their Republican leaders' intrusion into matters that are none of their or the government's business just doesn't seem real. Would one of their top two candidates for President really rail against contraception?

This framing of the argument just exemplifies how entitled these people think they are. To barrow Obama's rhetorical tick - "Let me be clear" - No one is denying access to contraceptives. The problem we conservatives have is simply who pays for it. Porter and her ilk on one hand say it should be paid for by the evil insurance companies (which of course means that it will be their customers who actually pay for it), and then on the other she laments how the GOP wants to 'get into her business'.

News Flash Carol - Obamacare is NOTHING BUT the government getting into everyone's healthcare business.

But the actual aim of the mandate is something I just don't understand. Porter is arguing that 'free' (anything but) contraceptives is a women's health issue. How is that true? I mean, it has always been my experience that having sex is an elective activity. What's next? Will insurance companies be mandated to offer dinner and drinks before these women have sex (all apologies to Greg Gutfeld of The five)?

I always hear these self-righteous feminazis yelling the catchphrase - "Keep out of my Womb." Well ladies I have one of my own:

Keep your Womb out of my Wallet!


  1. Now lets do some math. I heard some lady saying she needed someone (ins. co.) to pay the $3000 per year cost of her birth control. Okay. Lets see where this goes.
    Let's say you have a company that employes 20 females of childbearing age. You call up you insurance company and say, "Hey guy's, I need y'all to cover the cost of birthcontrol for my 20 females at $3k each..." Why, that's only $60,000 that the insurance company is going to have to pay out automatically each year for your workers... and of course if your company covers spouces and children we have to add those in too, don't we?... So lets say you have 20 men working for you also that have wives on thier policy of childbearing age, so there's another $60K... and say between all those men and women working for you there are 10 daughters covered under their parents policies, so lets add in another 15 grand... Now your insurance company is paying out $135,000 automatically for birthcontrol. But of course money doesn't come free to insurance companies, so that cost will have to be passed back to the customer in higher premiums... at least another $135,000 worth of premiums you as an employer will have to pay.
    Say, didn't all this trouble start with the high cost of health insurance coverage in the first place?

    1. Big Al, Thanks for the comment and a huge heap'n help'n of clarity. According to Selebius et. al. ITS ALL FREE baby! But as you rightly point out somebody ultimately has to pay - and to your point pay dearly. Multiply your single example by the millions of small businesses in the US and suddenly it ain't so free.


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