Sunday, March 4, 2012

Winston’s Websites of the Day 3-4-12

Selflessly Scouring the Interwebs So You Don't Have To

Gerard's take on: Kute Korner Krack Dealers Are Back

Who let them out? Why are they everywhere? On the corners, by the entrances to supermarkets, at the crossings, and all over the place. They swoop into the neighborhood in massive SUVs driven by classic MILFs. They pull in, tumble out giggling, and yank their card tables and their boxes of contraband from the back. Then they set up their offerings in stacks, and slap crude handmade signs with a heavy helping of glitter on the tables. Then they don their gang colors and get to work on you.
They are the most ruthless retail agents known to man. They are virtually irresistable in their peddling of their wares. They do it with cutting edge cute, and they have no scruples concerning your desperate attempt to diet away the winter flab.
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Three Occupy Oakland protestors arrested for robbery and hate crime (You don't say?)

Three Occupy Oakland protesters suspected of stealing an Oakland woman's wallet and making offensive remarks about her perceived sexuality were charged Friday with robbery and committing a hate crime, both felonies, authorities said.

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It's time to fix the Bill of Rights (A bit of satire from Frank J. Fleming)

In fact, the Bill of Rights doesn't guarantee anything people need — not food, shelter or even broadband internet. The only things it mentions are a few nebulous rights of absolutely no market value. It's rather pointless, really.
Why was the Bill of Rights thought out so poorly? It turns out it was written by these "Founding Fathers" long, long ago, in a much more primitive time. I'm pretty sure their first meeting to draft it was broken up by a woolly mammoth attack.

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No Fluke at all

Her Beau Geste will not go unnoticed or unrewarded. Something tells me Ms. Fluke's first job after graduation will relieve her permanently of the nagging fear that she will not be able to pay for the contraceptive of her choice. Sandra Fluke will thus join the long line of those like our President himself, who chose to enter the charmed precincts of Belmont through the vocation of promulgating the lies necessary to sustain progressive politics.

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