Monday, March 5, 2012

Winston’s Websites of the Day 3-5-12

Selflessly Scouring the Interwebs So You Don't Have To
Obamacare and the broccoli defense 
By Jazz Shaw at Hot Air:

Handing the federal government the power to regulate a lack of economic activity – as opposed to their recognized power to regulate some actual activity for the public good – opens up a door to a hallway which would seem to stretch to infinity. Can the President, in fact, force us to eat our peas as opposed to saying it in a rhetorical fashion?
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The unintentional irony of Obama's new plan to address high gas prices 
By Bruce McQuain at Q and O

For 25 years Democrats have been telling us that drilling for more oil isn't the answer to high gas prices because it would take "3 to 10 years" to see the beneficial effects of increased drilling.  And, consequently, they've done everything in their power to prevent more drilling for oil and gas.
[But] As Kate B Hicks reports, the desperate President has a new plan.  But, irony of ironies, you'll have to wait 13 years to reap the benefits:
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OK, back to our regularly scheduled program

Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012 
By Iowahawk

Plenty will be written about Andrew Breitbart in the next few days, some flattering, some not. As for me, I will drink two beers in his honor tonight, and remember him the way he was last December in Venice - a big, lovable, random, generous, fearless, patriotic grinning goofball surrounded by his family, basking in the coolness of it all.
One of the best tributes to AB I've read.
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If You Ain't Got No Condoms, Take Your Broke Ass Home 
Via Misfit Politics

"Oh, I'm in a committed relationship. I don't like condoms. Condoms fail a lot. I want the pill." Then get the pill. Your student clinic, the free clinic, and even your family doctor can provide you with a prescription for the pill at such low cost, you'll only have to skip a couple of Starbucks runs to afford it. How an educated young woman could not know this is of profound concern to me.
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