Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Prankster-in-Chief

While President Bush the younger was called many things, prankster was never one of them. Cowboy diplomacy, they said, simpleton, lamented the political hacks, he lacks nuance they bellowed. Send us someone with sophistication, who can truly lead us into the 21st century.

Then came the answer to their prayers - The ONE, who preached Smart Power, diplomacy, No preconditions to unilateral talks with the Mullahs of Iran, and a ‘overcharged’ ‘reset’ button with the Russians. Bush wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand that we live in a different world. Gone is the Cold war, gone are the bogy-men of the past. The future is one of enlightenment, mutual understanding and tolerance. Obama even schooled Romney during the debates by telling him to stop living in the 1980’s man.

Unfortunately, for The One, nobody got the memo. I’d like to say Obama’s foreigner policy is akin to a trailer park after a tornado, but that would insult tornados. Just for reference let’s take a look at just some of The One’s foreign policy greatest hits shall we:
  • Surrendering to Russia over Missile Defense - Effectively hosing the Poles and the rest of Eastern Europe and what did we get in return - <insert crickets chirping here>
  • Ending the War on Terror - Yet he forgot to tell the terrorists
  • Announcing a Surge while Declaring an Exit - He never believed in it to begin with according to Robert Gates’ book.
  • Apologizing to France for America’s “Arrogance” - This one was rich given it’s the French.
  • Giving DVDs to the British Prime Minister - Tin ear anyone? Not to mention giving the queen and iPod with all his speeches on it, SWEET.
  • Siding with Marxists in Honduras - What happened to spreading freedom? Oh yeah, that was that darn cowboy policy from that putz before him.
  • Bowing to Emperors and Kings - No comment, it speaks for itself.
  • Embracing Genocidal Killers in Sudan - Again, tolerance.
  • Throwing Churchill out of The White House - Sucks up to Mullahs and dictators and goes out of his way to piss off our closest and longest lasting ally.
  • Egypt - Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s undermine Mubarak with no plan to fill the vacuum other than the Muslim Brotherhood who has vowed to destroy the west.
  • Iran Nukes - We can trust these guys, honest
  • Benghazi - It was a Video!
  • Syria - Got schooled by Putin
  • Crimea - Got schooled by Putin, Again
  • Alienating Israel - You know do they really have to recognize you guys as a Jewish state? I mean really, Potato potahto, am I right?
  • Libya - See Egypt above just change the name from Mubarak to Gadhafi and Al- qaeda for Muslim Brotherhood
  • Venezuela - Gets a big bromance hug from Thugo Chavez

So rather than learning from history - that bad people are gonna be bad no matter how much rhetoric you throw at them - this administration’s lead foreign policy gambit is, er, Global Warming.
My guess is that George W. was called many things by Putin, but Prankster was not one of them.


  1. Nicely done blog. But, if you truly aspire to be a best-selling writer, please use a program with spell check, e.g. in your Profile, the word is "amateur", not "amature". And, while an accepted spelling, "bogy man", the more common spelling is "bogeyman" (also spelled bogieman, boogeyman, or boogie man" (Wikipedia), Minor stuff, granted, but for journalists it's like fingernails on a chalk board. But then, we react similarly to incorrect grammar such as confusing affect with effect and the like. I know. I know. Picky, picky. But if you're going to make your living using words....just sayin'.

    1. Anon - Thanks for dropping by and for the critique (everybody's a critique as the saying goes) I'll be more careful in the future - that and I should probably stop blogging somewhere around the 5th beer. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Wow! Imagine surfing blogs so you can criticize their grammar and spelling. Wish I had that much time on my hands. However, to the blog: I am appalled at the list of the Obama failures. It's stark when listed as you have done. That's what we get for electing someone with no credentials. I just hope its not fatal to our country. The next 3 years will be really critical.


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